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3478, ch. Old Montreal Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, K4C 1H9

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation//

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation provides an excellent solution for camouflaging hair transplant spaces and hair transplant scars that occur after a hair transplant procedure. It also offers a good solution for those suffering from minor hair loss, or thinning hair.

Scalp MicroPigmentation is a semi-permanent five to seven year solution. It can effectively help camouflage crown baldness, thinning hair or hair transplant scars. Our State of the Art equipment, specialized techniques and pigments offer a cost effective solution for hair loss sufferrers. Note, the ingredients which make up the pigments used in MicroPigmentation are safe and regulated by Health Canada’s F.D.A.

A completed MicroPigmentation tattoo ehancement provides the freedom to participate in any sport and helps provide a confident self-image.