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What exactly is Scalp Micro-Pigmentation?

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is a State of the Art form of cosmetic tattooing. Our computerized equipment inserts mixed pigments into the dermal layer of the skin using specialized MicroPigmentation tattooing techniques. Once completed, the scalp will have the appearance of individual hair folicles. Hence, the result will be a natural looking hairstyle.

How is the Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Procedure Performed?

There exists many different machines and methods on the market, including the traditional coil machine, the rotary machine, and ancient bamboo stick and needle tool kit. At Nectar, we exclusively use State of the Art computerized-digital equipment which is by far the most sophisticated and precise Scalp MicroPigmentation delivery system available. A sterile single use needle located at the working end of the pen-style handle is used to draw and pierce the skin surface and thereby deposit a previously mixed tattoo pigment.

Who can Benefit from Scalp Micro-Pigmentation?

Primarily Adult men could benefit from Scalp MicroPigmentation. Most men who seek a consultation, suffer primarily from the typical male crown baldness pattern, minor receeding hairline or thinning hair. Additionally, it is an excellent solution for camouflaging hair transplant spaces and hair transplant scars that occur after a hair transplant procedure.

Physically active people who want to look their best when participating in activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, tennis and other high intensity sports. It also provides the freedom to no longer worry about hair concealers or hair systems.

Alopecia areata or alopecia universalis sufferers who have lost some of their scalp hair, facial hair, including eyebrows and/or eyelashes can also benefit from a Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure.

What are the Applications to Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Enhancement procedures?
  • Hair Transplant Density coverage
  • Scar Camouglaging
  • Crown baldness
  • Thinning Hair
  • Alopecia partial spot baldness.
How long does Scalp Micro-Pigmentation procedure last?

Technically, Scalp MicroPigmentation Cosmetic Procedures are considered permanent because the colored pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. However, as with any tattoo, fading can and will occur, requiring a touch-up. As a rule, this procedure will last approximately three years.

How Much Does Scalp MicroPigmentation Cost?

This solution is very cost effective when compared to hair transplant surgery. At Nectar, the cost is very affordable when compared to other Scalp MicroPigmentation competitors.

Remember that this procedure is very specialized and requires a high level of skill and experience. The computerized equipment used is of upmost importance.

The cost of a complete Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure relates directly to the area that requires coverage.

What Should I Expect when I Arrive For My First Scalp MicroPigmentation Consultation Appointment?

Most of your questions will be answered by reading the Frequently Asked Questions of this Web Site. Further concerns may be addressed by telephone or email. Expect your first appointment to last approximately 45 minutes. During this assessment appointment, you will be asked to complete a medical history form which includes the disclosure of prescribed medications and you will be requested to sign a consent form. A discussion will follow to verify that your expectations from a Scalp MicroPigmentation are realistic. Your concerns and questions such as shape, color, after-care, anesthetics and fee, will be addressed at that time. An estimate of the number of sessions required will be discussed. The next step will be to determine and agree on the perfect pigment color to be applied. The pigments used are made up of ingredients that are approved by FDA and Health Canada. Once the perfect color formula is achieved it will be recorded in your chart for future sessions and later touch-ups. As well at that initial Consultation Appointment a patch test will be tattooed on your Scalp in a concealed area. This also serves as a sensitivity test that must be performed in order to ensure that there is no allergic reaction. A fee of $60 dollars will be charged for this initial consultation and patch test.

Note: Clients who schedule a subsequent first full session should ensure that their head is shaved to a level 0 or 1.

How Long Does Each Procedure Take?

The initial consultation visit will generally take 45 minutes. Subsequent session durations vary depending on the head coverage requirements of the client.

What is the after care protocol?

Following your Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure, you most avoid wetting the tattooed area as well as sun and excessive sweating for a total of 7 days. Immediately following the procedure, the technican will apply an antibiotic ointment to the treated area on the Scalp. Normally, the discomfort is minimal and can be controlled with commonly available medication such as Tylenol or Advil.

Clients may decide to wear a cap as long as it does not directly touch the tattooed skin (a clean gauze can be used to provide a sanitary barrier).

Is it Painful?

Scalp MicroPigmentation Procedures are of a skin-invasive nature (as they are a form of tattoo) and therefore you will most likely experience some discomfort. This varies according to each individual’s pain threshold and the skills of the technician performing the service. Immediately following the procedure the discomfort is minimal and can be controlled with commonly available medication such as Tylenol or Advil.

Is it Safe?

As previously mentionned, Scalp MicroPigmentation is a skin-invasive procedure. It is a tattoo, and it is your right to be informed. Following the treatment it’s normal for the skin to redden slightly. The redness should subside within the week. Health Canada has set standards for a clean and sanitary working environment and sterile equipment. Things you should look for:

  • Most Important: Needles used should be new and sterile for each procedure and disposed of properly after each patient procedure.
  • Gloves should be used for each client.

If you have any doubts regarding your medical history, you should consult your family physician prior to a Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment.

Could I have an Allergic Reaction?

Documented allergic reactions to Scalp MicroPigmentation procedures are rare. If the patch test to the scalp is successful then the possibility of an allergic reaction is significantly reduced. The patch test to the scalp is mandatory. Regardless, it should be understood that an allergic reaction could occur at any time.

What if I don't Like it?

Although the procedure is considered permanent, these procedures do have flexibility in changing color and shape to some extent, depending on the expertise of the MicroPigmentologist.

How do I choose a Scalp MicroPigmentologist?

Firstly, one must choose a technician carefully by considering the technician’s training, skills and experience. A Scalp MicroPigmentation Enhancement procedure is more complex than regular tattooing. Ensure that the equipment is State of the Art and the pigments used are safe and stable once implanted in the dermal layer of the skin. At Nectar, we believe that there should be an open and frank communication between the client and the technician all stages of the procedure.